Pril – Dishwash Bar – 500gm


Bring home Pril Dishwash bar and make an end of the stubborn stains that often occupies your vessels or dishes. Pril Dishwash bar have been in focus mainly because of its capacity to neutralize unwanted odour and bring hard clean to your dishes. Pril Dishwash bar is now available in two variants-lime and vinegar. There are also Pril liquids available in the market known for being strong stain remover. They are also best known for high grease-dissolving power. Pril bar delivers the double action of lime + vinegar.



  • Lime degreases and removes the burnt marks while vinegar removes the residual food odour, thus it cleans your vessels completely. Therefore Pril clean = full clean.
  • Pril Bar protects you from all the dangers lurking on your dishes, leaving your vessels looking, feeling and smelling exceptional.
  • Premium Dish Washing Bar.
  • Removes tough grease with great ease.
  • Power of active boosters.




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Pril - Dishwash Bar - 500gm